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Meet the Artist

       Hello I'm Nikita Tibiru, a self-taught professional

make up artist based in Maryland. I once

started practicing on myself, now I have

a brand and have worked closely with

celebrities. At my core, I am an artist,

and I love the dramatics and theatrics

of creating a look. I was blessed to realize

my passion at a young age, and it got to

me thinking about starting a business.


      In 2016 I officially opened MakeupNikita,

and now it’s time to start expanding my brand.

I have so much more I would like to

contribute to the beauty world,

from microblading to making wigs. The best

part of all this and what helps keep me

going is making someone look and

feel their best. That in turn, helps make

me feel my best. Let's help each other

be the best version of ourselves. Come,

take this journey with me. You can contact me

via twitter @makeupnikita, instagram @makeup.nikita,

or Facebook Makeup Nikita.


Meet the Artist

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